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Bharatha Natyam for Beginners

Level: Beginners


  • Kurma (5-15 years old)

Day & Time: Monday, 6-7.30pm

Duration: 90 minutes

  • Varaha (above 15 years old)

Day & Time: Thursday, 6-7pm

Duration: 60 minutes

Fee: 1600 CZK per month


The class is led by Shalini Don and it includes 4 sessions in a month. Students will learn the basic movement vocabulary and theory in Bharatha Natyam in a non-competitive and supportive environment. They will also be exposed to exercise routines aimed at helping students develop strength, flexibility, and postural awareness required for the safe practice of the dance form. The class is in the traditional format and it is specifically for students who are serious about learning the classical art form.



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Monthly Online Bollywood Class

Level: Beginners and Intermediates

Duration: 60 minutes

Fee: 1100 CZK per month


The class is taught by Dance Sandeep through live online one-to-one sessions and it includes 4 sessions in a month. It is offered to kids and adults who intend to explore the diverse movement styles in Bollywood and improve their performance quality. Every session will begin with a warm-up and students will be taught dance combinations tailored to individual physical capabilities. The class helps students develop strength, flexibility, and body awareness while inspiring versatility in expression. 



Online Indo-Western Street Choreo

Level: Intermediate and Advanced Dancers

Day & Time: Monday and Thursday, 5-6pm IST

Duration: 60 minutes

Fee: ₹1500 per month


The class is only open to Indian citizens residing in India and it includes 8 live online group sessions in a month. Students will learn Dance Sandeep's unique street style choreographies that are based on the foundational styles of South Indian Street Dance (Dappan Kuthu), Hip Hop, and House. Through the exposure to specific techniques, students will be able to work on refining their movement. The class encourages exploration of individual style and helps students enhance their creativity in freestyle dancing.



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