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Dance Sandeep

Dance Sandeep was born in Hyderabad, India. His interest in dance was piqued at the age of 15, after watching the movie ‘Style’, a Telugu-language musical dance film which starred his favourite Indian choreographer, Prabhu Deva. He then attended a family friend’s dance class where he was taught Tollywood dance for 3 months before landing a job as a cruise ship dancer for 3 years on the Bhagmati Cruise. It was in dance that Sandeep gained a sense of purpose in life. With a burning passion and countless hours spent practicing by himself, he slowly evolved into a self-taught Bollywood and street dancer. Realising his potential to dance and choreograph professionally, Sandeep began freelancing as a dance instructor in schools and studios across Hyderabad. He also choreographed for corporate events and weddings.


Sandeep's life seriously took a new turn when he caught the eye of a Czech choreographer, Yemi A.D., when volunteering as a dance instructor at SAHI’s Fundraiser for the Hearing Impaired Children in Hyderabad. Yemi, who traveled to India and graced the event with his presence, offered Sandeep a chance to be a student of Dance Academy Prague (founded by Yemi) to gain international exposure. After setting foot in Prague, Sandeep started receiving Hip Hop, House, MTV, Dancehall, and Vogue trainings at Dance Academy Prague. His training in Prague has been helping him hone his technical dance skills while polishing his individual authenticity. He was also recruited as a member of Chilies, which is one of the competition teams of Dance Academy Prague.  


With more than 10 years of experience in the dance field, Sandeep‘s highly versatile dancing skills and stimulating teaching techniques has made him one of the most sought-after Indian dancers in Prague. He has been featured in numerous stage performances in the city and made a few appearances in ads, music videos, and films. He currently conducts Bollywood and South Indian Street Dance lessons as well as workshops in Prague. His lessons are especially popular for their energetic and vibrant atmosphere.

Dance Sandeep in South Indian Street Dance or Dappan Kuthu style pose in Prague

Shalini Don

A true Renaissance woman, Shalini Don is a medical doctor, a writer, and a dancer. She is a Malaysian who was born in Ipoh and raised in Kuantan. From 2012 to 2018, she attended the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague on a full scholarship, where she earned her Doctor in Medicine (MD). She is the author of the book of poetry entitled The Touch of Eternal Forte. In addition to her multifaceted talent and interest, she speaks English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil.


Shalini was initiated into dancing at the tender age of 6. She has been training in Bharatha Natyam for 22 years hitherto and possesses a rich experience with stage performances. During her studies in Prague, she conducted regular dance classes, teaching choreographies based on the foundational style of Indian classical dance to people of different cultures. She is currently honing her skills and knowledge under the tutelage of accomplished Bharatha Natyam artist Guru Utthara Unni.

When creating, Shalini loves letting her words and movement run wild. Her approach to poetry, dance, and choreography is dynamic, candid, and layered. All of her artistic creations distinctly reflect her deep passion and authentic flavour. Occasionally, Shalini pens, among other topics, her dance-related musings and experiences on her blog, Dancing Tigress

Shalini Don in Indian Semi Classical dance style pose in Prague
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