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Bharatanatyam Recital

Performers: Utthara Unni, Shalini Don, Upshzara Don

Date & Time: 10th September 2022, 6-7.30pm

Venue: KC Vozovna, Prague

Entry: 250 CZK


Indian classical dance exponent from Kerala, Utthara Unni, presents a Bharatanatyam recital alongside her disciples, Shalini Don and Upshzara Don. The evening features a sequence of traditional choreographies set to Carnatic music, opening with a composition through which the dancers seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha, climaxing with a central piece that depicts Lord Krishna, and ending with an exuberant, rhythmically complex finale. Join us in this unique opportunity to experience the splendor of the 2000-year-old art form.



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